Marriage Conference

November 2 & 16 | 2:00-5:00 PM


In this four session livestream from Dr. Paul Tripp, there will be four areas of focus:

1. Develop Good Habits

The health of your marriage is not defined by two or three dramatic decisions but by hundreds and thousands of little moments.

2. Pull Weeds And Plant Seeds

You don’t expect your garden to bloom full of gorgeous flowers without pulling weeds and planting seeds, so you can’t expect your marriage to blossom without the same effort.

3. Deal With Your Differences

You will never be exactly the same as your spouse. Unity in marriage results when the husband and wife respond in love to the inevitable differences that exist in the lives of every couple.

4. Protect Your Marriage With Prayer

This side of heaven, there is nothing more important than to pray without ceasing. In the words of the Lord's Prayer, you are given everything you need to experience God's kingdom in your marriage.Dates | November 2 & 16; 2:00-5:00pm


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does this cost? $25.00 per couple // $10.00 for an individual.

    • If this is an issue please do not let it prohibit you, there are scholarships available. Please let us know if you would need a scholarship on the form below.

    • All checks need to be made out to New Circle Church and given to Austin or Hannelies Hartman.

  • What if I can only attend one day? Please still attend! Taking in one day of material will still be helpful to you!

  • Will there be childcare? Yes, childcare will be provided for free.

  • Will there be anything to eat or drink? Light refreshments will be provided.

  • Can a single person attend or do you have to be married? This is open to anyone who desires to come!


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