By Amy Rager

Idols come in many shapes and sizes. From the literal gold statue in a shrine in someone's home to the intangible idea of the American dream, idols are everywhere. If we don't create the idol ourselves, we will surely make it into one. We are therefore caught in this constant battle of flesh and Spirit.

In response to the idols in our lives, we look to inspiration from Psalm 16:


O God, keep me from straying.

You are the one who holds me together.

My Lord, I have pledged myself- my life- to you.

I have declared you to be the source of all good.


Abandoning you for the things of the world

would only increase my sorrows.

I will not search for relief outside of you  

or entertain thoughts of lesser joys.


I have chosen you, your sustenance.

My resting place is in your hands.

I will trust that your plans for me are pleasant.

Without a doubt, Beauty awaits me.


Thank you for my fellow believers,

they are a gift to me

and a source of joy.


How great you are for comforting me!

For meeting me in the dark times to teach me!

Again I vow to look to you always.

Since you are my foundation,

I will not be shaken.


And so- despite my situation- I am glad.

I feel joy from head to toe.

I stand secure in your love.

For my soul will never be abandoned;

This body and mind will be redeemed.


God, I trust you to guide me down this path.

Your presence will bring me true joy

in this life and forever more.


In the name of Jesus,


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