This is an article in a new series that reflects that stories of the people of New Circle Church.


What is one thing that brought you joy in the past year?

Finishing my first year of teaching. That brought me immense joy because I came into it not knowing what to expect. At first, I was really, really stressed about it, but as I went through it, I found that I was really loving what I was doing. Loving what I do brings me an immense about of joy.

How do you find joy in teaching?

I know some of these kids don’t come from very good homes, so knowing that I can give them love, respect, or peace that they may not get from home brings me joy.

What’s the biggest challenge when it comes to teaching?

Being stern and sticking to my word. It’s really hard from me to not be like “you can’t do that” and five minutes later be like, “oh that’s fine.” It’s finding that balance of classroom management. I have a really hard time wanting them to like me. Sometimes I think “they won’t like me if I tell them ‘no.’”

What’s been a really impactful moment from January 1 of 2016 until now?

I got baptized in January. It was the first day that our church moved to the new building. It was something that had been on my mind for a while, so taking that step forward was really impactful. It literally happened so fast—I started coming to New Circle in November, and I got connected with a friend. She talked me through this, and I decided I wanted to do it.

How have you seen your faith affected over the past year?

My faith has affected my life decisions, things I want to do, and relationships. I look to a greater source than myself. It’s really cool because I’ve stepped out and done things that I know I wouldn’t have done in a million years. Doing those things—and knowing I’ve been led to do them—has been really cool. Good things happen afterwards, and I learn, “okay that was a good thing.”

Have you seen your growth reflected in your job as a teacher?

Definitely. It was actually really cool. When I first started my job, I was just starting to dig back into my faith, and then halfway through the school year was when I took that step. Afterwards, it was a complete turn-around in my attitude and how I was looking at situations because it’s really easy to get down on yourself or let yourself be taken in by the negativity of a situation. 

What’s one thing you’re most excited about in the upcoming year?

Continual growth—this new found trust that I have. I’m really excited to just see where he takes me and what’s to come.

What’s one thing that you’re nervous about?

The next school year—how that’s going to go, how this new class is going to be different than my old class.