By: Ben Sholtes

Based on John 1:1-5 and this weeks sermon.

Light of Creativity

Deep darkness foams, total silence of night

Chaos nihilo, awaiting first Light

Divine Breath hovers, awaiting command

“Peace, be still” sovereign Word demands

Rushing of Wind, tumultuous Light!

Breaking forth, transforms the night

What was no longer, 

Divine Breath proves infinitely stronger

Disorder is tamed by Eternal plan:

The Word, the Light, O, Son of man!

Light of the World…He Spoke.

Light of Redemption

Man, Crown of creation stands

Kneels before Sovereign right hand

Blissful garden his to spread

Save one tree whose promise, dead

Finite we, slap Infinite's hand

On our own we vainly stand

In darkness amidst life’s crashing waves

Desperate, reaching, can any save?

"Peace be still” creation's Word doth cry

At last! Man no more may die

Light of the World…He Speaks.

Light of Expectation

We, your people in darkness wait

Silent, our word cannot create

Holy Word within, flickering, His breath!

Yea, divine light, which conquered death

Endure our chaos, soul's peace create

Emmanuel! Word speak, we wait

Proclaim your peace, our breakers still

Accomplish in us Creator's will

May our exile display your “Peace, be calm”

That all may know of heaven’s shalom

Light of the World...Speak!

Note from the author: Brothers and sisters, if you’re not accustomed to poetry, here are a few tips:  Read the poem slowly and prayerfully. Expect multiple layers of meaning. It may even be helpful to read it several times. If something strikes you, stop and rest in the moment. Let the words connect to your life and invite you into prayer, even stillness before the Divine Word. As you feel led, turn your meditations into praise, thanksgiving, confession, or requests. Finding peace in our chaotic world will not come with a hurried spirit. Let this be an invitation into the Advent “Expectation” that Jesus is coming to bring us peace, especially in a season with many worldly distractions that so easily overwhelm us and steal our peace. May the Light of the World speak His peace to you!