By Jennifer LaPrees

Our family began attending New Circle a few years ago. I was working through some hard things and feeling closed and cold and crabby, not at all inclined to give most humans the benefit of the doubt. My friend, Christy Purnell, was one of the three people left in the world that I still liked and trusted (that’s only a slight exaggeration), so when she invited our family to New Circle we showed up.

And we've continued to show up for about a year and a half.

That connection with her combined with the work of the Holy Spirit drew our family to NCC despite my wariness toward any and all things “church”.

"Its the kindness of God that leads us to repentance," (Romans 2:4) I personally know this verse to be true because the one thing I was not defended against was the kindness and humility that permeates this group of people. It is prevalent and incredibly powerful and I would consider it the best “feature” of this church and these people. This tangible kindness has defrosted me—as I’ve gotten to experience it in each Community Group I’ve attended, where it’s not uncommon to snuggle with babies and hear about my brother and sisters in Christ’s weeks. I feel it during retreats when the others courageously share their stories. The kindness even exists in the communion of shared meals, and painting parties, and of skipping stones.

This is a kind people. The kind I enjoy being around.