New Circle Church began as a call- a vision- impressed upon our pastor, Barry Rager.  Barry and his family relocated to Mapleton-Fall Creek in Indianapolis from Western Kentucky in 2013 with the hope of creating a diverse, open-armed church that would be welcoming to all ethnicities, socio-economic levels, ages, and spiritual states.  The dream was that New Circle Church would be a picture of what the gospel can do- bridge barriers, welcome all, and conquer brokenness, creating a new 'Circle City.'  

Mapleton-Fall Creek seemed like the perfect place to begin.  A historically African-American neighborhood that was beginning to attract young white families and dense with abandoned homes in need of repair, there was not only a diverse "audience" but also a tangible way to be a blessing.  

The Ragers began striking up gospel conversations with neighbors and anyone who happened to sit near them at Starbucks.  Missions teams from partner churches were utilized to make improvements to streets, homes, and parks in Mapleton-Fall Creek as well as to throw block parties.  

Small groups began to form as people came to Christ or bought into the vision.  Most remarkably, a small group on IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis) grew from 3 to nearly thirty within a few months, creating a base of passionate young adults ready to help launch NCC.  


In the spring of 2014, New Circle Church began gathering for worship on Sunday nights at Our Redeemer Lutheran in Mapleton-Fall Creek.  We slowly grew but saw a definite need to meet on Sunday mornings.  

Relationships opened the door for a Sunday morning worship gathering at The Oaks Academy, just a few blocks south.  New Circle Church officially "launched" as a church in the gym of that facility in September 2014.  

All the while, even in our infancy, Builders (members) of New Circle were using their God-given gifts and passions to create mercy ministries including a fitness program for low-income neighbors in Mapleton-Fall Creek, a recovery ministry for ladies in dependency, outreach to the homeless, a community garden, and a homework helper club.  

As a result of a movement from God and of the faithfulness of the people of New Circle Church, we are growing and extending the love of God throughout the city of Indianapolis.  We now have community groups all around the city and meet on Sunday's in Mapleton-Fall Creek (3421 N. Park Ave.)


While our location has changed, our mission has not.  We want all the people of our city to know they are loved by God and welcomed into His family at New Circle Church.  We want to ban together and capitalize on the strengths of Indianapolis while working to redeem and restore her. 

We want the story of New Circle Church to be a vital part of the story of Indianapolis.  And we want you to be a part of that story, too.